Korean-English Speaking Drivers

We try our best so that all drivers are bilingual, Korean/English. In certain occasions, we can accommodate a limited number of Korean-French speaking drivers. It may be that sometimes, due to heavy demand, only Korean speaking drivers will be available. For these few cases, we offer free of charge bilingual project manager available 24 hours a day (depending on the number of drivers, the project manager will be assigned only for your drivers).
In addition, there is a 24 hours call center established during the whole duration of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

  • A regular shift for a driver is 12 hours
  • All drivers know Seoul and the venues areas extremely well
  • All drivers will take cars home at the end of their shift if required
  • All drivers will not use the car for their own personal use after their shift
  • No one else in the drivers family may use the car during the non-working hours
  • Each driver will have a mobile phone
  • The rates include VAT, all taxes, and social insurance.
  • 50% non-refundable payment is required at the time of booking for the driver & the remaining balance prior to the commencement date of the service
  • Each overtime hour for the driver beyond the hours mentioned above costs euros/usd TBA/hour and is to be paid at the end of the rental period.